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Stepparent Adoptions Lawyer in Bountiful

A family law practice often involves cases where family relationships are being dissolved or changed to the detriment of one of the parties, such as in a bitter divorce or hostile child custody battle. Bountiful family law attorney Victoria Cramer is never more pleased than when she helps bring families together, increasing their size and their happiness. Ms. Cramer helps families through the legal process of stepparent adoptions, setting new families on solid legal ground for a stable, secure future.

Why Adopt?

It is not uncommon in a marriage where there are children from a previous marriage, that the new spouse will want to adopt the children as his own. An adoption makes the stepparent the legal parent of the child, meaning among other things that he is obligated to financially support the child. In the event of a divorce, the stepfather could be liable to pay child support but would also have the right to custody and visitation, as determined by the divorce court.

In addition to strengthening the emotional bonds among spouses, parents and children, a stepparent adoption provides definite legal benefits to the adopted child, including the right to inherit from the stepparent and to access health insurance through the stepparent’s employer.

Stepparent Adoptions Under Utah Law

Just as a stepparent adoption creates legal parental rights in the stepparent, at the same time an adoption works to terminate the parental rights of the child’s natural father, if he is still living. In most cases, the consent of the child’s biological father must be obtained before the stepparent adoption can proceed. However, the Utah Adoption Act does recognize circumstances where a father could lose his parental rights. These circumstances include abandonment, failure to provide financial support, and failure to establish a parent-child relationship. There may also be situations where a person claims he is the child’s biological father yet cannot establish legal paternity or parentage under the law. In any of these cases, a stepparent adoption may occur despite a parent’s objections.

Victoria Cramer is well-versed in the law regarding stepparent adoptions, as well as other means to establish legal care and custody of a minor, such as guardianship proceedings.

Get professional help with a stepparent adoption by contacting Victoria Cramer

Sometimes adoptions are contested. Victoria Cramer is expeirenced in handling contested adoptions. In face, she argued a contested adoption case before the Utah Court of Appeals. An adoption affects important legal rights and status and should be approached carefully and thoughtfully. Victoria Cramer works diligently to ensure that the stepparent adoption is successful and occurs without undue delay, expense, or worry for the family. Contact Victoria Cramer in Bountiful for advice and assistance regarding a stepparent adoption proceeding in W. Bountiful, Centerville, Farmington or neighboring areas.