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A divorce can introduce a great deal of uncertainty to your life. One of your major concerns for life after divorce is probably financial. Whether you’re in a position to request alimony or are being asked to provide it, you want the amount and duration to reflect your situation and needs. No matter your specific concerns, you can trust Salt Lake City attorney Victoria Cramer to represent your interests effectively. Drawing on decades of divorce litigation experience, Ms. Cramer, a member of the Pia Hoyt firm, will pursue a fair alimony order for you.  

What is alimony?

Also known as spousal support, alimony is the obligation to pay for the maintenance of a dependent current or former spouse for a length of time determined by the court. Either a husband or wife can request alimony, depending on which spouse relied on the other for income. The amount of alimony is based on the standard of living the couple enjoyed during the marriage and each party’s financial situation. Usually, the duration of payments is based on the length of the union, with one year of alimony for each year married as a benchmark. In marriages of short duration, a judge can order transitional alimony, which is assistance until the recipient spouse can be reasonably expected to become self-supporting. If there are extraordinary circumstances, a judge can order alimony exceeding the duration of the marriage.

Alimony terminates at the end of the court-ordered payment period, when either spouse dies or when the recipient spouse remarries or cohabitates with a new partner.

Factors that influence alimony in Utah

Utah law lists numerous factors a judge must consider when deciding on alimony, including:

  • The financial situation of each party
  • The recipient spouse's earning capacity
  • The paying spouse’s ability to provide support
  • The length of the marriage
  • Custody of minor children
  • Contributions the recipient spouse has made to the career, education or business of the payor spouse

The court may also order punitive alimony for marital misconduct that substantially contributed to the marital breakup. A party hoping to avoid paying alimony can introduce evidence showing that they lack the ability to make payments and/or that their ex is capable of supporting themselves. As a seasoned Salt Lake City divorce lawyer, Ms. Cramer understands how to deliver a compelling argument to the court on alimony matters.

Temporary alimony orders             

Utah law allows parties to a divorce to request temporary alimony during the divorce process. This support is paid until the divorce is finalized and the court enters a decision on permanent alimony. Temporary alimony can include amounts for legal fees.

The spouse requesting temporary maintenance must file a Motion for Temporary Order with the court. If the paying spouse agrees with the request, the parties can file a Stipulation with the court. A paying spouse who objects can file a Statement Opposing the Motion.

Modifying alimony in Utah 

If a party experiences a substantial change in financial circumstances following the entry of an alimony, he or she can request that the obligation be increased, decreased or eliminated entirely. Courts generally require evidence that a change in financial circumstances is likely to be permanent, such as prolonged unemployment due to a serious illness or disability.

Paying parties who are having difficulty paying support should request that the court to review their order as soon as possible. Until a judge issues a new order, failure to pay alimony can result in serious consequences such as wage garnishment, fines, bank account seizures, loss of professional licenses and even jail for contempt of court. 

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