Accomplished Utah Attorney Secures Conservatorships for Vulnerable Adults

Salt Lake City lawyer seeks court-sanctioned protection for those unable to manage their affairs

Adults are sometimes unable to act in their own best interests, either because they lack the capacity to do so, they are unavailable or for some other good reason. Utah law provides for this occasion by authorizing court-appointed conservators to perform that work. If someone you care about actually does need a conservator, Salt Lake City family law attorney Victoria Cramer, at Victoria Cramer, can help you secure the necessary court order.

When are conservatorships appropriate?

A court may create a conservatorship for an adult who is unable to manage their property and financial affairs properly because of a mental or physical problem, addiction, imprisonment, disappearance or any other cause, if either of the following is also true:

  • That adult’s property is at risk of harm if it is not properly managed
  • Protection is necessary to ensure funds for the support, care or welfare of the adult or their dependents

Ms. Cramer is prepared to evaluate whether your loved one is in need of a conservatorship, giving you reliable advice on that and other options, and can petition for conservatorship if it is appropriate and you decide to proceed.

How to petition the courts to obtain conservatorship when needed

Anyone interested in the welfare of someone whom they believe needs a conservator may petition the court to appoint one for that person. The petition must be served on the person to be subject to the conservatorship (known as the “respondent” in the court proceedings), the respondent’s wife or parents and other interested people the court orders to be served. Any of those people can object to the conservatorship, but the court usually requires the parties to mediate their dispute before the case can move forward. The court may appoint an attorney to represent the respondent, if any party requests it or the court decides it should. The court may likewise appoint a court visitor who functions as an unbiased source of information for the court.

The proposed conservator must take a test to confirm that they understand the responsibilities of that office. If the court is satisfied, it will issue an order approving the conservatorship and appoint the conservator. Whether you are the petitioner, respondent, an objector or a prospective conservator, you can trust me to represent you zealously and reliably guide you through the proceeding.

Contact a trustworthy Utah attorney to schedule a consultation on creating a conservatorship

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