Salt Lake City Family Lawyer Handles Various Domestic Issues

Utah attorney provides determined advocacy on divorces and other matters

About 60,000 families reside within the limits of Salt Lake City, Utah. That number has been increasing steadily over the last couple of decades, as more people have come from out of state to seek a better quality of life. With its scenic beauty and numerous amenities, SLC might be a perfect locale to raise a family. But that doesn’t mean families here are perfect, or that there aren’t domestic problems that require a legal remedy. To help families throughout the Wasatch Front, attorney Victoria Cramer, a member of the Pia Hoyt firm, maintains a comprehensive family law practice in Salt Lake City devoted to delivering high-level representation to spouses, parents, children, grandparents and others seeking skillful counsel.

What cases does a family lawyer handle?

Family law is a practice area that covers a wide range of issues affecting marriage, parenting arrangements and the rights of children. Specific concerns that might compel you to contact a family law attorney include: 

  • Divorce — As an experienced Salt Lake City divorce lawyer, Victoria Cramer handles contested and uncontested marriage dissolutions. Through negotiation, mediation or litigation, Ms. Cramer protects clients’ interests and pursue favorable terms relating to custody, child support, alimony and the equitable division of marital property.
  • Modification of divorce decrees — Divorce decrees are court orders that require modification from a judge if the terms are going to be changed. Ms. Cramer represents parties seeking modifications as well as those who oppose them. Common modification requests involve custody adjustments arising from a relocation and changes to child support or alimony prompted by a sudden financial shift. Changed circumstances must be proven in court, and many proposed modifications are contested.
  • Child custody and parent time — Many factors go into the court’s decision to award joint custody or sole custody and what type of parent time may be allowed. A strong advocate is necessary to work through these issues in mediation or represent the parent in court.
  • Paternity — Establishing a child’s parentage is important to the child’s future. A paternity order can affect the right to receive child support and inheritances, the ability to receive health insurance coverage and eligibility for government benefits through the parent. For parents, establishing paternity creates legal rights to custody and visitation along with the legal responsibility to pay child support. Victoria Cramer advises and assists individuals seeking to establish or challenge paternity.
  • Annulment of marriage — A marriage may be void or voidable for any number of reasons. For instance, if one of the spouses was under 18 and the proper procedures for obtaining parental consent were not followed, or if a spouse remarries before his or her divorce in a prior marriage is officially finalized. In these cases, an annulment is the proper proceeding to terminate the invalid marriage.
  • Premarital and postnuptial agreements — A prenuptial agreement is often an excellent tool in marriage planning, enabling both parties to enter into a marriage with security and peace of mind. Postmarital or postnuptial agreements can also be entered into at any time during a marriage and can have the same effect as a prenuptial agreement.
  • Common law marriage — Even without a religious or civil wedding ceremony, couples can still be legally recognized as married by Utah courts. Many conditions must be met to create a valid common law marriage, and the recognition of one creates marital rights, duties and obligations in the spouses.

For these and other family law matters, attorney Victoria Cramer provides sound professional advice and legal assistance.

When do you need a family law attorney?

Most people prefer to keep family matters private, but when your rights and/or those of your children are threatened, you need the law on your side. A family law attorney can safeguard your parental rights and property interests in a divorce, establish appropriate custody arrangements and help you enforce a co-parent’s obligations to provide financial support for the children you share. For these reasons and many more, you may need a family law attorney to advocate for you against a current or former spouse.

Why should you hire a family law attorney?

Representing yourself in family court is allowed, but doing so puts you at a severe disadvantage. An experienced attorney understands the relevant laws and has experience dealing with area courts. Any errors you make could be costly for you and your loved ones. Hiring an experienced family law attorney ensures that you receive professional advice and skilled representation throughout the legal process.

What are the advantages of retaining a family law attorney?

When you retain a family law attorney, you benefit from their specific knowledge, training and experience related to your legal issues. You can attend to your life, knowing that a capable professional is handling the details of your case and working to achieve the best possible outcome.

Questions to ask before hiring a family law attorney

In the practice of law, there is no substitute for experience. You want to ask an attorney how long they’ve been practicing family law, and how often they have represented clients with issues similar to yours.     

Consult an accomplished Salt Lake City family law attorney

Attorney Victoria Cramer in Salt Lake City provides comprehensive legal support for issues relating to Utah family law. This includes representing out-of-state clients who are involved with a Utah case. To schedule a consultation, call 801-299-9999 or contact her office online. Same day appointments may be available for urgent matters.