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Comprehensive Family Law Practice in Salt Lake City, Utah

Family law is about more than just divorce and child custody, and attorney Victoria Cramer maintains a comprehensive family law practice in Salt Lake City devoted to helping parents, children, grandparents, spouses and others with high-quality legal services for all their family needs.


Victoria Cramer handles both contested and uncontested divorces in all Wasatch area counties. Through negotiation, mediation or litigation, Ms. Cramer makes sure her clients are able to divorce while protecting their interests regarding child support, alimony, and the equitable distribution of marital property.

Modification of Divorce Decrees

Divorce decrees are for the most part final court orders, and modifying a court order requires going to court and getting the approval of the judge. If one spouse needs to relocate, a change in the custody and visitation may be necessary. If the financial circumstances of one of the parties has changed, or if the needs of the children have changed, then an alimony or child support order may need to be modified. Changed circumstances must be proven in court, and often times they are adversary proceedings, with the other party opposing the change, making effective legal representation vital to the proceeding for both parties.

Child Custody and Visitation

Many factors go into the court’s decision to award joint custody or sole custody and what type of visitation may be allowed. A strong advocate is necessary to work through these issues in mediation or represent the parent in court.

Lawsuits For Paternity

Establishing a child’s parentage is important to the child’s future, including the right to inherit, the right to health insurance coverage and government benefits through the parent, knowing important medical history issues, and more. For the parent, establishing paternity creates legal rights to custody and visitation along with the legal responsibility to pay child support. Victoria Cramer advises and assists individuals seeking to establish or challenge paternity.

Grandparents’ Rights

In Utah, grandparents have the right to seek visitation rights if custody of a minor is awarded to a parent who is not the child of the grandparent. In other situations, grandparents can seek visitation if they are not allowed such privileges when their child visits the minor child. A grandparent can be awarded independent visitation rights if a judge decides that the grandparent’s participation is in the child’s best interest.


A marriage may be void or voidable for any number of reasons, for instance if one of the spouses was under 18 and the proper procedures for obtaining parental consent were not followed, or if a spouse remarries before his or her divorce in a prior marriage is officially finalized. In these cases, an annulment is the proper proceeding to officially terminate the invalid marriage.

Office of Recovery Services/DCFS hearings

The Utah Office of Recovery Services (ORS) may step in to establish paternity or enforce child support orders. Victoria Cramer understands the system and represents her clients in court as well as before administrative agencies such as ORS.

Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) has the power to remove children from a home environment where there is abuse or neglect, or if DCFS believes a parent cannot adequately care for their children. Victoria Cramer is a passionate advocate for parents unfairly accused of abuse or neglect or forced to defend themselves in dependency hearings.

Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is often an excellent tool in marriage planning, enabling both parties to enter into a marriage with security and peace of mind. Post marital or postnuptial agreements can also be entered into at any time during a marriage and can accomplish the same effect as a prenuptial agreement.

Common Law Marriage

Even without a religious or civil wedding ceremony, couples can still be legally recognized by Utah courts. Many conditions must be met to create a valid common law marriage, and the recognition of one creates marital rights, duties and obligations in the spouses.

Juvenile Court Hearings

DCFS Complaints in Juvenile Court

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