Child Support Information and Assistance From Salt Lake City Attorney

Child support becomes a part of the picture when parents divorce or when parents do not live together. Salt Lake City family law Attorney Victoria Cramer will help you understand your rights and responsibilities if you happen to find yourself dealing with this situation, no matter what side of the table you are on.

Divorce and Paternity and Child Support

Parents are required by law to support their minor children. The Utah Child Support Guidelines determine the amount of a parent’s support obligation. The three key components of the guidelines are:

  • base child support;
  • medical care; and
  • child care expenses.

When parents divorce and there are children in the family, both child custody and child support are primary areas of concern. Parents have the option of determining an agreeable custody and child support arrangement through mediation, or if they cannot agree, the court will make the final decision. The calculation of support is dependent on the child custody arrangement. Even though Utah courts have Child Support Worksheets that at first glance may not appear complicated, it can be difficult to complete them without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Victoria Cramer’s 14 years of legal experience have given her a wealth of knowledge and provided her with the requisite skills to handle such matters accurately and effectively.

Child Support Modification

Child support orders are entered in district or juvenile court, depending on the type of case being handled. Once a child support award has been established, it becomes a court order. Parents may not withhold child support for any reason, nor can the parent receiving the support deny a parent visitation rights because of the failure to make child support payments. All issues must be handled and resolved through the court system.

In order to make any modifications to a child support order, the court must be involved. Either parent may request a child support modification if significant changes have occurred since the order was initially established.

A child support order can be modified by petition, irrespective of when the order was first entered if there is a substantial change in circumstances.

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If you are a divorcing parent or have any questions about child support, please contact Victoria Cramer to set up a consultation. She is concerned about your needs and has the experience to provide the assistance you desire.