Utah Attorney Helps Transfer Guardianships Between States

Salt Lake City lawyer enables adults and children with guardians to relocate throughout the U.S.

Guardianships can be crucial when it comes to protecting children and incapacitated adults, but the protected person must sometimes move between states. If so, the court must approve the move. If you are a guardian or other interested party seeking to accomplish this, attorney Victoria Cramer has the legal knowledge and experience to help you obtain that approval.

How to move a guardianship out of Utah

The first step is to file a petition for approval of the transfer in a Utah district court. The court will grant provisional approval if it determines the following:

  • The protected person is either already present in, or is expected to permanently move to, the other state
  • The other state will accept the guardianship
  • No one objects, or any who do object fail to show that the transfer is contrary to the protected person’s interests
  • The plans for the protected person’s care and services in the other state are reasonable and sufficient
  • Arrangements for managing the protected person’s property are adequate

The provisional order will require you to petition for guardianship in the other state. Once that state’s court provisionally accepts the guardianship, the Utah court will grant a final order confirming the transfer. The final step is for the guardian to file a final accounting with the Utah court. When Ms. Cramer represents you, she will explain the procedure, present the necessary information to the Utah court.

Obtaining Utah courts’ acceptance of guardianships from other states

Sometimes, of course, a guardianship must move into Utah. Once another state provisionally approves transferring a guardianship to Utah, you may ask the district court to acceptance the transfer. The court will provisionally do so, unless either the transfer is against the protected person’s interests or the guardian or conservator is ineligible for appointment.

The court will issue a final order granting the guardianship once the other state approves the transfer but, if necessary, may modify the guardianship to conform to Utah law within 90 days. If this procedure is unavailable, Ms. Cramer can petition the Utah court to create a new guardianship or conservatorship. Whichever procedure is necessary, she provides effective help to guardians looking to move to Utah with their wards.

Contact a trustworthy Utah attorney to schedule a consultation on the interstate transfer of guardianships

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