A Diligent Utah Attorney Helps Create Valid, Effective Prenuptial Agreements

With a close eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of Salt Lake City family law, attorney Victoria Cramer helps prospective spouses to negotiate, draft, implement and enforce valid, effective prenuptial agreements for a happy and prosperous marriage.

Utah Prenuptial Agreement Law

A premarital or prenuptial agreement is a valid, enforceable contract entered into by two people in contemplation of an upcoming marriage. The prenuptial agreement can dictate how certain issues will be decided in the event of divorce, as well as in the event of legal separation, death of one of the spouses, or the occurrence or nonoccurrence of any event which the parties feel important enough to trigger the agreement.

A prenuptial agreement can state how much one spouse is entitled to in alimony and for how long; it can even state that a spouse will not be entitled to any alimony at all. The prenuptial agreement can also state how marital property will be divided, as well as make determinations regarding life insurance death benefits and other matters. However, a prenuptial agreement cannot be used in a way that would affect child support or the right of a child to medical insurance, health and medical provider expenses, or child care coverage.

In order to be valid under the Utah Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, a prenuptial agreement must be voluntarily by both parties, it must be in writing and signed by both parties, and it must be based on a reasonable disclosure of the property and debts of both spouses.

Why Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

There are many reasons spouses may choose to create a prenuptial agreement. Where there is a big difference in the amount of wealth or assets between the parties, a prenuptial agreement can protect both parties by assuring the wealthier spouse that he or she will not be taken advantage of in the event of a divorce while also assuring the other spouse that he or she will be properly provided for according to terms negotiated by the parties. Another situation is where one or both spouses has been previously married and experienced a difficult divorce. A prenuptial agreement may help them enter into a second marriage without fear of another tough divorce. In any event, a prenuptial agreement can help a couple enter a marriage with less anxiety and more peace of mind regarding their financial security and other important matters.

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