Established Utah Lawyer Advises on Guardianships for Children and Disabled Adults

Protecting minor and adult children and incapacitated relatives.

Circumstances sometimes demand that a trustworthy person assume legal responsibility for someone else’s care and property decisions. At her Salt Lake City office, attorney Victoria Cramer helps Utah clients protect the interests of young people and adult family members with special needs by establishing legal guardianships and conservatorships. Whether someone seeks to ensure that children are raised in a healthy, supportive environment or is looking to become a conservator to manage financial tasks for an adult relative with a cognitive disability, Ms. Cramer delivers thoughtful legal guidance. Whatever your particular concern entails, the firm can handle each aspect of guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in probate court or more informal settings, like probate court mediation. Probate court mediation is mandatory in Salt Lake District Court cases.

Experienced attorney assists with the creation and termination of guardianships

As a family law advocate with 24 years of experience, Victoria Cramer offers knowledgeable counsel on the relevant Utah legal standards that govern these areas:

  • Guardianship vs. conservatorship for minors — Should a minor have an estate worth more than $10,000, a conservator may be appointed to manage issues relating to those assets. The guardian and conservator can be the same person. If the estate value doesn’t meet that threshold, the guardian automatically assumes conservatorship duties. Life insurance proceeds, litigation awards, insurance settlements and other assets are often directed to surviving children, so it is usually necessary to make these arrangements even if the child is very young.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship for adults — A guardian or conservator must be at least 18 years old. In all conservatorship and guardianship matters, the petitioner must take a test to demonstrate that they understand the responsibilities of the role. If guardianship over an adult is being sought, evidence of incapacity has to be shown. The court can also request medical evaluations or can appoint a court visitor.
  • Termination of guardianship and conservatorship — When a guardianship or conservatorship is created due to a temporary lack of capacity, it might be appropriate to shift legal authority back to the individual once the debilitating condition subsides. Ms. Cramer helps clients petition the court for appropriate terminations in these situations or when they are no longer able to fulfill their legal duties. In general, Utah law favors limited guardianships over full guardianships.

Throughout Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Utah and Tooele counties, her firm secures court orders that benefit wards and give guardians and conservators the power they need to protect the people they love.

Dedicated advocate handles contested guardianships and conservatorships

Questions regarding guardianship and conservative involve serious, sensitive issues that can alter how a child is brought up or determine who controls substantial assets. Accordingly, serious disputes can arise regarding legal responsibility for minor children and incapacitated adults. In some instances, a person might believe that he or she does not require someone to manage their legal or financial affairs. Other times, bitter disagreements exist about who is to raise an orphaned child and how. No matter what specific circumstances exist, Ms. Cramer prepares a thorough argument regarding what’s best for her clients. When possible, she works to resolve matters through negotiation or mediation, but she is always prepared to make a case in court.

Contact a knowledgeable Utah attorney to schedule a consultation regarding a guardianship issue

Victoria Cramer represents Utah clients in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings as well as other family law matters. Victoria Cramer is an experienced advocate who responds to emails the same day and telephone messages within 24 hours. Please call (801) 872-8633 or contact her Salt Lake City office online to schedule a consultation.