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Can Alimony Payments Be Awarded on a Permanent Basis?

Changes in law and society over the past few decades have triggered significant adjustments to alimony orders in Utah and other states. While movies and television shows might lead people Read More

Does Adultery Affect Property Division in a Utah Divorce?

When a marriage ends because a spouse has committed adultery, the legal process of divorce can be highly emotional. In some cases, someone whose husband or wife has cheated might Read More

Methods of Enforcing a Child Support Order

In every state, minor children have the right to financial support from their parents. Upon the couple’s divorce or petition from an unmarried parent, the family court will enter appropriate Read More

What Conditions Must be Met to Have a Valid Common Law Marriage?

A common law marriage is a relationship that has all of the attributes of a conventional legal marriage, but has not been formalized with a marriage license or ceremony. A Read More

Dealing with Changes to Custody and Visitation Arrangements Caused by COVID-19

Divorced parents are accustomed to raising children amidst changing circumstances, but the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced challenges that many of us have never seen before. Stay at home orders have Read More

How a Coronavirus-related Income Loss Could Affect Your Alimony and Child Support

Many people have faced a job loss or reduction in income due the coronavirus pandemic. In such a case it might be difficult for an ex-spouse paying alimony or a Read More

Communicating With Your Ex About COVID-19 Custody Issues

During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, family becomes more important than ever, especially for children whose schedules have been disrupted by long-term school closures and the cancellation of Read More

Child support and guidelines

Can parents (or persons having child's custody) agree on paying lower child support than the Utah guidelines require?  The answer is yes, they can providing they draft specific findings that Read More

The Price of Not Having a Lawyer

Once in a while potential clients ask me whether they need a lawyer in order to handle their divorce.  I tell them that although there is no legal requirement to Read More

New Amendments to Utah Family Laws

Legislative session is over in Utah and the following new family laws entered the legal horizon:   1. Dating Violence Protection Act.  Dating parties now can apply for a protective order when one Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts