Custody Evaluation

In some cases, it becomes important to have a custody evaluation done. In order to start the process, a petitioning parent has to prepare a motion with supporting documents and ask the court to appoint a custody evaluator. The rules mandate who can be a custody evaluator. A majority of them are Licensed Clinical Social Workers and some have a Ph.D. in psychology. After a hearing the court will appoint a custody evaluator, will order who will pay his or his fees, how soon evaluation has to be done, and which questions evaluator needs to answer in his or her evaluation. After evaluation is done, a custody evaluator will inform the court that he or she is ready to deliver the findings. The court will set what is known as a 4-903 conference. At the conference the parties will
receive the findings. A mediator will be present to conduct mediation based on the findings in hopes that the parties will resolve their dispute and trial will not be necessary.