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The great majority of wills, trusts and other estate planning documents go into effect and operate without contention. However, sometimes, their validity or implementation may be challenged by heirs, beneficiaries or creditors of the decedent, who may believe they are being deprived of the property to which they are entitled. Whether you are trying to enforce or object to a will, trust or other estate planning document, attorney Victoria Cramer of Salt Lake City, Utah has the experience, legal knowledge and ability to help.

Types of objections raised over wills

Most estates are administered without the need for litigation, but interested parties might argue that the will is invalid. Some of the objections that may be raised include:

  • The testator lacked sufficient mental capacity
  • The will was the result of fraud or forgery
  • The will was the result of the exertion of undue influence or pressure on the testator
  • The will failed to meet the legal requirements for one

In addition, there might be differences of opinion over what the testator intended by the language of the will. Victoria Cramer will evaluate your claims and seek out the available evidence that supports your position, whether you are the personal representative or an objector.

Litigating estate and trust management issues

Other legal disputes can arise over the real or perceived mishandling of trusts and estates. Personal representatives (who administer the decedent’s estate) and trustees have the duty to conduct themselves fairly and faithfully in the execution of their authority in their roles. They may violate that duty by:

  • Failing to enforce the provisions of the will or trust document
  • Mismanaging estate or trust assets
  • Making improper distributions from the estate or trust to beneficiaries

Whether you are a beneficiary, personal representative, trustee or another interested party with standing to raise these issues, Victoria Cramer is ready to take on your case or defense and will treat it with the utmost importance. She makes an effort to return all calls and emails the same day and schedules same day appointments in urgent matters.

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