Parenting Plan

Utah Custody Lawyers help Create Parenting Plans

When parties are filing their divorce or paternity case and they have children, they are required to file their proposed parenting plan pursuant to U.C.A. Sections 30-3-10.7,  30-3-10.8, 30-3-10.9.  Parenting plan can be very detailed and cover topics like parent time schedule, out of town trips, caretakers, right of first refusal, pick up and drop off, decision making, authority to make final decisions.  If you are handling your own divorce, do not consider parenting plan a simple formality.  Think through it carefully.  If you have to enforce your parenting plan in the future, it has to be detailed enough to allow enforcement.  Also, if you discover that you missed certain things in you plan but the final court order has been entered you will not be able to change the plan simply because you don't like it.  The law requires fundamental change in material circumstances before you can petition the court to amend the plan.